Forms and Policies

Marketing Authority Statement


Careers Australia would like to use photos and videotapes taken of you and /or recordings made of your voice in its printed/electronic promotional material.

By enrolling at Careers Australia you agree to the following:

  • Careers Australia may collect your image and record your voice;
  • Careers Australia may use photographs and videotapes taken of you and/or recordings made of your voice across any medium that may include, but not limited to, advertising, publicity and editorial as many times as we want;
  • Images may be reproduced in colour or black and white and may be altered, distorted or blurred for design purposes without any liability on our part;
  • All photographs, videotapes and/or recordings of your voice shall be the sole and absolute property of Careers Australia and can be used for an unlimited period;
  • You will not receive payment; you do not own the copyright to the images, vision or sound and you will not have the right to inspect or approve the printed/electronic material in which your image or voice appears;
  • To be able to agree to this you must be over 18 years of age. If you are not 18, your parent/guardian agree by signing the enrolment form.