Forms and Policies

Student Transfer Policy


Careers Australia Group must assess requests from students for a transfer between registered providers prior to the student completing six months of the principal course of study.

Careers Australia Group will not actively recruit or knowingly enrol a student wishing to transfer from another registered provider prior to the student completing six months of his or her PRINCIPAL course of study except where:

  • The original provider has ceased to be registered or the course in which the student is enrolled has ceased to be registered
  • The original provider has provided a written letter of release stating that:
    • the student had demonstrated a commitment to studies in a previous course; and
    • had a good attendance record for that course; and
    • had paid all the fees required for that course.
  • The original registered provider has had a sanction imposed on its registration by the Australian Government or State or Territory government that prevents the student from continuing his or her principal course, or
  • Any government sponsor of the student considers the change to be in the student’s best interest and has provided written support for that change.

A student’s request to transfer provider will be granted if:

  • Careers Australia Group realises the students circumstances are reasonable grounds. Reasonable grounds for Careers Australia Group can include compassionate or compelling reasons. Compassionate or compelling circumstances are defined as circumstances beyond the student and which have an impact upon the student’s course progress or wellbeing. These could include:
    • serious illness or injury, where a medical certificate states that the student is unable to continue in the course
    • a traumatic experience which could include but is not limited to:
      • involvement in or witnessing of an accident or
      • a crime committed against the student or
      • the student has been a witness to a crime and this has impacted on the student
    • (these cases should be supported by police or psychologists’ reports)
  • The course the student wishes to transfer to:
    • better meets the study capabilities of the student
    • better meets the long term goals of the student, whether these relate to future work, education or personal aspiration
  • The student wishes to change course in order to get access to greater support (this may be through the services offered by another provider, commercial or non-for-profit services or through access to family, friends or a cultural support network)
  • If the student claims or can provide evidence that his or her reasonable expectations about the current course are not being met
  • If the student has provided a valid Letter of Offer from another provider and completed a Student Transfer of Provider request form available from the internet. Email advise will not be accepted.

Circumstances in which Careers Australia Group can and will refuse a student’s request to transfer are:

  1. The transfer is detrimental to the student. Factors that may be considered detrimental to the student could include:
    • If the transfer may jeopardise the student’s progress through a package of courses
    • If the student has recently started studying the course and the full range of support services are yet to be provided or offered to the student
  2. If the student is trying to avoid being reported to DIAC for failure to meet the academic progress requirements.
  3. If the student has unpaid fees for the current study period. (NOTE: The current study period is the period in which the student applies for release.) If the request occurs during holiday time, the application for release will be counted as being during the previous study period. A student will not be refused release based on unpaid fees for any subsequent study period that has not been delivered. Careers Australia Group will give due consideration to the student’s best interest and educational objectives when assessing an application for release where fees are unpaid.

Careers Australia Group will in its best practices ensure that all requests are dealt within 10 working days and that the student will be contacted by all possible means to advise the outcome of their request and having regard to the restricted period.

Careers Australia Group will issue a letter of release (if granted) at no cost to the student and will advise the student of the need to contact DIAC to seek advice on whether a new student visa is required.

Where Careers Australia Group does not grant a letter release, the student must be provided with written reasons for refusing the request and must be informed of his or her right to appeal the decision of Careers Australia Group in accordance with Standard 8 (Complaints and appeals) of the National Code 2007 Careers Australia Group will maintain records of all requests from students for a letter of release and the assessment of, and decision regarding, the request on the student’s file.