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Apprenticeships and Traineeships


No matter what industry you are in, apprenticeships can provide your business with real benefits!

We work with you to help develop and deliver a training plan, assess the achievement of skills and issue a nationally recognised qualification upon successful completion.

Apprenticeship training, traditionally delivered through lengthy off-site training blocks, is now a thing of the past. Your staff will learn core skills of their trade or profession through a mix of traditional and innovative education practices at a time and place that suits them and you.

All of our modern training centres nationwide are equipped with classrooms and workshops and we also deliver many of our courses in the workplace, so students can learn your procedures on your equipment.

There are a number of benefits that can achieved by recruiting and training an apprentice or trainee:

  • Apprentices and trainees are trained to meet your specific business requirements
  • Apprenticeships and traineeships are available at all certificate levels, through to advanced diplomas
  • The training component can be delivered on-the-job, through campus-based training or via a combination of these with online training
  • A range of government funding and financial incentives may be available for eligible employers and apprentices
  • Apprenticeships and traineeships leave your staff with nationally recognised qualifications and competencies

There are also a range of funding and incentives relating to Australian Apprenticeships.

How it works

Apprenticeships and Traineeships are competency based training programs that may be completed full time, part time or while at school. As nationally recognised qualifications, they combine time at work with campus or workplace training and provide entry-level training for new employees to build their career and employment aspirations.

Careers Australia offers a large range of Apprenticeships and Traineeships, and there are two ways you can be employed as an apprentice or trainee:

  • You can be employed directly by a business - the business will pay your wages and train you with the support of Careers Australia.
  • You can be employed by a group training organisation - a group training organisation will place you with different businesses to gain on-the-job experience. It will also pay your wages and organise your training with Careers Australia.

Careers Australia can provide you with the essential training required for the successful completion of your qualification. To get started in an apprenticeship or traineeship that is right for you, contact your Australian Apprenticeship Centre or visit

School and Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

Pre-apprenticeship and pre-employment programs are available for Certificate I, II and III qualifications and are an opportunity to trial a trade or vocation.

  • School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships

    School based apprenticeships or traineeships allow you to work for an employer as a paid employee and undertake training towards a recognised qualification, whilst completing your secondary school studies.

    School based apprenticeships combine high school study, training and paid work. On completion of Year 12, you will receive your senior certificate and have trained towards a Certificate qualification in your chosen career, as well as being paid for your time spent working.

  • Pre-Apprenticeship and Pre-Employment Programs

    These programs are nationally recognised opportunities that can lead to an apprenticeship or traineeship and create a point of difference which will help make you a more attractive potential employee and give you valuable industry time and experience.


    Pre-apprenticeship Programs:
    Pre-apprenticeship programs provide entry into nationally recognised trade qualifications. They are generally structured to run for a period of 12–26 weeks and include technical trade training in a simulated training environment which you can then apply within the industry whilst undertaking vocational placement.

    Pre-employment Programs:
    Pre-employment programs provide 4–6 weeks of nationally recognised training, including two weeks of vocational placement with an employer. Pre-employment programs allow you to complete or partially complete a Certificate I, II or III qualification, which may articulate into an apprenticeship or traineeship.

  • What are the Benefits of the Programs?

    Apprenticeships pathways can provide a range of benefits to you as well as your employer, including:

    • Entry level skills and the knowledge required to enter sustainable employment
    • Improved job placement and numeracy skills related to employment in the trade sectors
    • Basic skills for working in trade related industries
    • Opportunity for employers to trial a potential apprentice or trainee
    • Opportunity for you to promote yourself as a future apprentice or trainee to that employer
    • Up to 9 months credit towards an apprenticeship or traineeship