Peter Robbins

Double Diploma of Counselling & Community Services Work

Peter Robbins

Peter Robbins

​At the age of 46, Peter Robbins had it all - a great job as a personal lender with one of the big four banks, a lovely house and a loving and supportive family.

So when new management fostered a culture change that was incompatible with Peter’s beliefs he decided that it was time to bank on a career change.

Wanting to help others help themselves was something that Peter had always enjoyed doing so he knew that enrolling into a Double Diploma of Counselling and Community Services at Careers Australia was the right decision.

“Going back to study wasn’t an easy decision for me. I had to consider my options and how it would impact my family – financially, emotionally and mentally”, he said.

“After I left [the bank] I started domestic cleaning and whilst it was a dramatic change, it took me only an hour to see the positive influence that I was having on people’s lives – helping them help themselves,” said Peter.

Whilst Peter said going back to the classroom was hard to begin with, once he got settled he knew that he wanted to be a case manager and work with others who needed guidance and support. To get his foot in the door he began as a support service volunteer at Anglicare and was willing to do anything he could for the opportunity to help others.

He soon began another role as a casual domestic service worker and quickly impressed Anglicare with his passion to help others and was promoted to a part-time role within three months. After appearing as the face of Anglicare at their September expo, Peter was asked by management to apply for the role of home support services coordinator for the northern Brisbane metro region and due to his outstanding rapport with the patients and his qualifications he was successful.

“I absolutely believe that my Careers Australia Double Diploma was highly regarded with the management team and had an influence on the outcome,” he said.
“I’ve been promoted three times in the past nine months and I’m loving it!

“Doing this course has absolutely changed my life. It gave me the confidence to go back into the workforce and taught me that I’m worthy of the jobs I’d applied for. It gave me the advantage over other applicants, taught me discipline to achieve my goals and I’ve met so many great friends.

“I look back now and I’m so much happier! I’m 6kg lighter, healthier and in a better mental state. The intrinsic benefits of my new career far out-weigh the slight salary difference between the two. At the end of the day, you have to love your job!

“To those thinking of doing this Double Diploma I highly recommend it, but make sure you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get your foot in the door. I can’t emphasis enough the importance and impact that volunteering will have on your future in their industry.”

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