David Peters

Diploma of Counselling

David Peters

David Peters

Mental health worker David Peters has turned his life around since completing a Diploma of Counselling at Careers Australia’s Sydney campus in 2013.

Today, the 41 year-old works as a policy officer for a peak NSW body for mental health carers, helping train volunteers and students on work placements, and managing a helpline that provides support and referrals to carers across the state.

“I believe a lot of my success has been a result of the commitment and encouragement provided by my teacher, Sharon Mumford, who was extremely patient and supportive during my course,” David said.

“She also referred me onto a volunteering job during my study, which has since turned into my current job. To this day, she continues to stay in touch with me and remains an important mentor in my life.

“My journey towards study began after coming out of a rehabilitation centre. I made a visit to Centrelink because I was at risk of becoming homeless and needed support. I was given a pamphlet about Careers Australia and after attending an induction day, decided it was time to make a positive and critical change in my life.

“Going back to study for the first time since finishing year 10 was the best decision I have ever made. Having gone through my own personal challenges, the course material really resonated with me and I found I was excelling in many of my subjects to the point that I ended up receiving a certificate of recognition from the Premier of NSW at the time.”

Careers Australia Educator of Counselling and Community Services Sharon Mumford said, “The Diploma of Counselling provides students with the tools to communicate with people from all backgrounds, and equips them with the skills and knowledge to approach and manage difficult issues and situations.

“David’s story is truly inspirational. He has not only been able to overcome his personal challenges, but has combined those learnings with his study to now help many others in need. I am very pleased for him and look forward to seeing him continue to kick goals, personally and professionally, in the future.”

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