Employment Pathway Support Programs

  • In demand skills
    Careers Australia uses its business partnerships to tailor our training to the modern workplace to ensure our graduates are armed with high quality, in demand skills.
  • Vocational placement and school based apprenticeship and traineeship
    To provide students with work experience while at school, our pathway coordinators work alongside students, parents, schools and employers to identify opportunities for vocational work placement or school based apprenticeships or traineeships. School based apprenticeships combine high school study, training and paid work.
  • Pre-apprenticeship or traineeship qualifications
    Where a school based apprenticeship or traineeship isn’t available, Careers Australia offers a range of pre-apprenticeship and traineeship qualifications. These courses provide students with a basic understanding of their field and skills to enter a worksite. Students are job ready and have an advantage when seeking an

University Pathway Support Programs

  • Credit towards an associate or bachelor degree
    Careers Australia courses are recognised by most major Australian universities. Successful completion of a diploma can result in up to 12 months credit towards like tertiary qualifications.
  • Guaranteed placement at Southern Cross University
    In Queensland, we have an articulation agreement with Southern Cross University. This provides certificate IV or diploma graduates with a guaranteed placement.
  • UPREP to help transition to university
    To support students who are on a pathway to university, Careers Australia has incorporated a University Preparation and Readiness Program (UPREP) into all our diploma programs. The UPREP has been designed to assist students to develop the study skills to succeed in an adult learning environment. Students participate in workshops that cover topics such as independent learning, where to find support at university, guidance for writing a variety of assessments, database searching and referencing.

More info on university pathways.

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