Careers Australia offers Vocational Training Scholarships to assist new students to meet the full course fees for a range of qualifications. We recognise that individuals committed to further education or training sometimes require financial assistance to complete their course.

There are 1,000 scholarship places available across 5 qualifying categories:

  • Industry Career Change- valued at $3,000
  • Industry Careers Progression- valued at $3,000
  • Return to Work- valued at $3,000
  • School Leaver- valued at $3,000
  • Entering the Workforce- valued at $3,000

Students will apply for the scholarship at the time of enrolment. 

Eligibility Criteria

1. Industry Career Change Scholarship

  • Candidate can demonstrate that they are moving from one industry to another through written submission.

2. Industry Career Progression Scholarship

  • Candidate can provide evidence they are upskilling for career progression through written submission.

3. Return to Work Scholarship

  • ‚ÄčCandidate provides written submission outlining intent to train to return to work through written submission.

4. School Leaver Scholarship

  • Candidate to show they are a recent school leaver seeking further education.

5. Entering the Workforce Scholarship

  • Candidate provides details showing they are looking to gain skills that will allow them to enter the workforce for the first time.

All scholarships: Recruitment consultant can enter submission on behalf of student at time of enrolment. ‚ÄčEligibility criteria apply. 

Application Process

At the time of your enrolment, our staff will provide confirmation of your eligibility, and confirm your total fees including any scholarship and VET Student Loan requirements.

Students will need to enter a submission for the scholarship and will be advised if their submission is successful prior to commencement via a call or email from a Careers Australia Recruitment Consultant.


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