Executive Management

Patrick McKendry

Executive Chairman

Patrick is the Executive Chairman of Careers Australia (CA). CA trains and skills over 18,000 Australians in the Construction, Resources and Health Sectors annually.

Prior to commencing in his current role, Patrick had been an industry advocate in major policy issues such as vocational education and training and employment programs, labour market reform, trade practice and competition policy for various industry bodies.

From 2006 to 2009, Patrick was Chairman of TVET Australia Pty Ltd. The owners of TVET Australia are the State, Territory and Commonwealth Ministers for Vocational and Technical Education (VET). TVET’s primary role is to provide support services for the key stakeholders in Australia’s VET system.

In 2006 the Commonwealth Government appointed Mr McKendry as Chairman of the National Quality Council (NQC). The NQC brings together industry, employee, government and practitioner representatives to oversee and support the current and future quality of vocational and technical education across Australia. Patrick’s term as Chair of the NQC finished at the end of 2009.

Mr McKendry was also appointed as Director of the Workers’ Compensation Regulatory Authority (Q-Comp) Board by the Queensland Government in 2006. He also served as Chairman of the Finance and Audit Committee for this Board. Patrick’s term expired in June 2012.

In 2011, Mr McKendry was appointed by the Queensland Government as a Director of the Queensland Manufacturing Institute (QMI Solutions). QMI Solutions is dedicated to improving the skills, performance, innovation and capability of the Queensland Manufacturing Industry.

In June 2012, Mr McKendry was appointed by the Queensland Government as a Member of the Skills and Training Taskforce. The Taskforce has been commissioned by the Government to review Queensland’s Training System.

Mr McKendry was appointed as a member of the International Education and Training Advisory Council – Queensland, established by the Queensland Government on January 29, 2014 as part of their commitment to enhance international education and training.

In August 2014, Mr McKendry was appointed as Deputy Chair of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Advisory Board. This Board is the key advisory body for the Commonwealth Minister for Industry.


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