The industry is facing skills shortages world-wide with 25% of workers in engineering related trades older than 55 and 50% are older that 45.

Careers Australia works closely with our industry partners to identify in-demand skills and tailor our course offerings.

Careers Australia offers flexible delivery methods for our courses and can tailor on-site, off site or a blended training offering to maximise staff learning outcomes and reduce disruption to operations.

The benefits of choosing Careers Australia are:

  • Flexible delivery methods with a clear focus on outcomes
  • Quality trainers
  • Recognition of existing skills, regardless of how these skills were developed
  • Enhancement of practical and transferrable skills that align to contemporary job roles
  • Funding and administration support
  • Improve base level knowledge of technicians
  • Higher staff retention and lower staff turnover costs
  • Greater staff engagement
  • Reduce error rate and costly mistakes

​Courses we offer

We offer a comprehensive range of accredited courses which allows us to provide a holistic training solution for the automotive and engineering sector. We have expertise in, but not limited to, the following:


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