Careers Australia’s automotive courses provide your staff with the qualifications to keep up with the rapid changes in auto technology. Our courses are delivered in the workplace by high quality trainers, minimising disruption to service operations and maximising learning outcomes.

As the number of cars owned by Australians grows by more than 400,000 each year, the demand for qualified automotive professionals is increasing.

Finding the right staff is challenging and when you find a good one, it’s important to keep their skills current.

The benefits of choosing Careers Australia are:

  • High quality nationally accredited courses
  • Workplace delivery
  • Quality trainers
  • Funding and administration support
  • Improve base level knowledge of technicians
  • Higher staff retention and lower staff turnover costs
  • Greater staff engagement
  • Reduce error rate and costly mistakes
​Courses we offer

We offer a comprehensive range of accredited courses which allows us to provide a holistic training solution for the automotive and engineering sector. We have expertise in, but not limited to, the following:

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